Top Tips

Here are four DIY grant writing tips for success.

Here are some things to consider when applying for a grant:

  • Plan ahead! Set aside an appropriate amount of time to write the grant. Writing a grant application in a rush or at the last minute rarely works.
  • Be strategic! Link your project or initiative to a strategic plan or document to demonstrate a planned and considered approach.
  • Make sure you find grants that align well with the future direction of your business or community group. Find out the ‘how and why’ and a bit more about the funding provider to ensure it’s a great match.
  • Ask yourself! Can you deliver the grant on time and within budget?
  • Check before lodging the application if you have the necessary approvals! If your project involves infrastructure upgrades or refurbishments, have you obtained the relevant landowner permission? Does it need a Development Application to proceed?
  • Consider a co-contribution. Funding pools are highly competitive and co-contributions or evidence of funding partners can help decision makers.
  • Consider if relevant letters of support would value-add to your application.
  • Avoid making simple mistakes. Have someone check it before you submit it. Answer all the required questions, submit the necessary paperwork, and comply with the grant guidelines.
  • Live up to your funding obligations. Make sure you’re prepared to provide interim and final reports to the funding provider to keep up your end of the agreement.